R’ASSUR INVEST EXCHANGER allows you to Sell your PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER dollars at 600f XOF, your USDT and BUSD at 625f XOF and to Buy them respectively at 640f and 650f XOF whatever the amount!!! With us, the small $10 customer can become a big customer !!!

Semi-auto: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 6/7. Auto: 24/7

1. Question: I would like to have information about your business, are you an investment site ?

Answer:We are an online E-currency exchange office. You can buy, sell and trade your different digital currencies and exchange between them.

2. Question: Where are you located and How do you contact ?

Answer: We are located in Abidjan, Riviera Palmeraie, Immeuble Al Jawad. For any information contact us via WhatsApp and online chat.

3. Question: I am in a country other than the Ivory Coast, is it possible to carry out transactions on your platform ?

Answer: Yes it’s possible. For automatic exchanges between different currencies we have no restrictions. However, for exchanges concerning fiat currencies or VISA cards, they are made within the limits of the exchange directions available on the platform for your country.

4. Question: What are your working hours on site? Can I transact on the site after these hours?

Answer: Operations on the site are possible 24/7, however your coin sales are processed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Sundays. Beyond working hours, sales are processed the next day from 8 a.m.

5. Question: Is registration required to make an exchange?

Answer: Yes it is mandatory (you must confirm the email to validate the registration before you can connect. To do this, access the email you have entered, check in spam or junk mail, Click on the link there)

6. Question: Is verification required to make an exchange ?

Answer: For now, verification is only mandatory for VISA/MasterCard, BSIC Mali and UBA Côte d’Ivoire prepaid cards.

7. Question: What is the difference between registration and verification?

Answer: Registration consists of creating a personal account on the rassurexchange.com platform while verification consists of confirming the identity of the account holder.

8. Question: What documents do you allow for verification?
Answer: The authorized documents are: CNI – DRIVING LICENSE – PASSPORT

9. Question: I forgot my password or I can’t log in to my account. It shows “Invalid combination of username and password”?
Answer: Click on forgotten password. An email will be sent to your email address to reset your password.

10. Question: I try to register or connect and I receive an error message: ” Email incorrect ”?
Answer: spaces must be removed before and after the email

11. Question: How do I get my affiliate link?
Answer: By registering on our site, you will get a unique affiliate link which can be found in the submenu when you log into your account. You can post it on your blog, page, in communities and social networks.

12. Question: How much will I earn by participating in your affiliate program?

Answer: It depends on many factors such as:
– Traffic to your website or sites where you post information about us.
– Compliance of the topic of the site with the target audience, which may be interested in currency exchange services. Simply put, do not count on a large number of clicks on your affiliate link posted on the parrot breeding site.
– Correct presentation of information. For example, very few people will like a single reference to “currencies” without any description somewhere in the corner of the webpage.

13. Question: How is the earned money paid out?

Answer: Affiliate payments are made via PAYEER or PERFECT MONEY in USD currency to a wallet. As a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 hours. Do not rush to send us a message if it has not yet passed 48 hours after the date of deposit – the administrator sees all requests and will process yours anyway.

14. Question: I am in a country other than the Ivory Coast, is it possible to carry out transactions on your platform?

Answer: Yes it is possible. For automatic exchanges between different currencies we have no restrictions;
However, for exchanges concerning fiduciary currencies or VISA cards, they are made within the limits of the exchange directions available on the platform for your country.

15. Question: How much is a dollar here for purchases and withdrawals of BITCOIN, ETHER, PM,?

Answer: We do not sell cryptocurrencies in dollars but rather in their respective units.
Regarding the other exchange rates, we invite you to consult the RATES menu of the platform https://rassurexchange.com/tarifs/

16. Question: Can I buy or sell perfect money EUR?
Answer: We are only selling and buying in dollars at this time.

17. Question: I would like to know if I could make my withdrawals and deposits directly between an investment site and your platform without going through a wallet?

Answer: Yes it is possible but it is better to go through your electronic wallet because if the site encounters a problem it could be confusing.

18. Question: How long does it take to receive my payment?

Answer: 5 min to 30 min after confirmation of receipt of your payment
NB: for Bitcoin sale transactions, you receive your payment 5 min to 30 min after confirmation of the sending of Bitcoins by the blockchain network.

19. Question: Who confirms BTC?

Answer:Blockchain transactions are not instantaneous, after sending Bitcoins from your wallet, the Blokchain network requires confirmations from network miners before receiving the beneficiary.

20. Question: How long does it take for any claims?
Answer: The duration is one week, after this period we decline all your complaints.

21. Question: Why does the site mark error?

Answer: Before any order, check the minimum and maximum amount as well as our reservations for the direction of the exchange you want to make.

22. Question: Can I come to your offices for an exchange and receive cash?

Answer: Yes these are possible, however we advise you to place your order and wait for the status to pass before paying before going to our premises.

23. Question: When I receive the notification with status (new order, order awaiting merchant confirmation, order paid, order completed) that does that mean?

Answer: – New command: the command has just been created by the user
– Order deleted : If your order is deleted, it means that you took a long time to send it. The site has a timer that tells you the time in which you must do your operation, Pass this time it automatically deletes your order and the automatic processing cannot be done and we after verification during a complaint we process the deleted orders within 24 hours.
– Order Awaiting Merchant Confirmation: Our wallet is waiting to receive your order
– Order paid: Confirmation of receipt of your order
– Order completed : Your order has been successfully processed by the operator

24. Question: What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Our means of payment are: Mobile Money (ORANGE MONEY – MTN MONEY – MOOV MONEY) – Wave Money / Western uniоn – VISA/MasterCard bank cards – BSIC Mali and UBA Côte d’Ivoire prepaid cards.

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