R’ASSUR INVEST EXCHANGER allows you to Sell your PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER dollars at 600f XOF, your USDT and BUSD at 625f XOF and to Buy them respectively at 640f and 650f XOF whatever the amount!!! With us, the small $10 customer can become a big customer !!!

Semi-auto: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 6/7. Auto: 24/7

20.10.2023, 18:52

Your deserve an award for the year!!!

Administration comment:

Thanks boss

08.10.2023, 10:16

You guys are just too sweet and trustworthy

13.08.2023, 06:28

Rassurexchange is fast and the best i did perfect money transaction to mobile money it only took one minute to pay me…i was doubtful i should have been using this exchange for long….A+++

21.02.2023, 16:53

thanks for the help through out got my balance

22.01.2023, 23:24

I bought my first crypto from Rassurance Exchange.
1. It was fast.
2. It was seamless
3. Very smooth.
4.Am very hopeful they will be the best in Africa if the keep their Price down a bit

29.08.2022, 14:26

Your customer support on telegram refused to give me evidence transaction failed on their side, as my bank is requesting evidence from merchant before they process refund for failed transaction. Transaction ID 21777

Administration comment:

Your Order ID is not correct!!!

29.07.2022, 19:41

It’s saying my phone number is not confirmed. How do I confirm it?

Administration comment:

Write us on Telegram messanger with your username

06.07.2022, 12:17

ID 205716 has been paid but Auto payout error
Please approve and drop in to my wallet

Administration comment:

write to us on telegram, your address that you have given is incorrect

05.07.2022, 10:48

Excellent platform with which I have been doing my transactions without problems for more than a year.

28.04.2022, 08:29

You guys are trustworthy. But yet I’ve not received my remaining failed orders which I was asked to send ID by support agent. Please I’m still waiting

Administration comment:

Write to us in inbox on telegram with your first and last name and the email address you used to place your orders

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