R’ASSUR INVEST EXCHANGER allows you to Sell your PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER dollars at 600f XOF, your USDT and BUSD at 625f XOF and to Buy them respectively at 640f and 650f XOF whatever the amount!!! With us, the small $10 customer can become a big customer !!!

Semi-auto: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 6/7. Auto: 24/7

01.03.2022, 15:58

I really like this plat form is among the best I ever known

28.02.2022, 09:15

The best platform base on my expectation

28.02.2022, 03:24

I went through people's comments here… I observes this e-commerce needs more hands on deck, most especially verification parts of it. I think the ADMIN can do something more better.
Secondly, the availability of coins can be swaps from excessive unit to deficit but mostly use unit on non-availability.
This e-commerce gonno be greater if more resources are deployed.
Hundreths of greatest e-commerce we are seeing today starts small like this too but due to unrelenting efforts and timely upgrade – they were able to scale higher.

I'm actually available 24/7 if admin(s) needs more and i can be working remotely

24.02.2022, 21:53

Goodday, please I canceled my order, because I copy the wrong wallet address. Please how will I get refund of my money or how can I use it to re order. It takes how many days or hours?

I am awaiting your kind, helpful and swift response.

Thank you very much

Administration comment:

It is not good place for your complain, write to support on telegram or website tchat!!!

24.02.2022, 10:05

Im happy with this platform, the swift response I got from Customer Care in handing my issue..

24.02.2022, 08:49

I have been waiting on here for over a week to be verified, I'm having doubt if this platform works efficiently and can be trusted with finance. I submitted all the requirements yet no response

24.02.2022, 07:02

This platform is good.
But i had an issue. I successfully bought usdt yesterday. all of a sudden i was sent a mail that my order has been deleted, meanwhile my account has beed debited of 102 usdt.

Pls i need a response to that effect.

Thank you.

Administration comment:

It is not goog place for your complain, write your technical support !!!

23.02.2022, 05:02

Nice exchange with swift transactions. Only that the prices are a bit high and the USDT reserve for VISA/MC XOF is too low and doesn’t get refilled quickly. Apart from this, everything else works fine for me. Cheers!

Administration comment:

The price of usdt depends on the market and the price of the dollar ps our fault

22.02.2022, 19:04

excellent exchanger

22.02.2022, 05:00

Best platform

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