R’ASSUR INVEST EXCHANGER allows you to Sell your PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER dollars at 600f XOF, your USDT and BUSD at 625f XOF and to Buy them respectively at 640f and 650f XOF whatever the amount!!! With us, the small $10 customer can become a big customer !!!

Semi-auto: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 6/7. Auto: 24/7

18.02.2022, 10:23

I am also praying for my self and other colleagues to get verified and test the platform and see….

18.02.2022, 03:58

Favorable exchange, but please u guys should try and be adding more liquidity.

We always lack liquidity.

17.02.2022, 22:11

Account verification is taking like forever… I will appreciate if the verification is faster

Administration comment:


17.02.2022, 16:17

Pls kindly assist, I bought 435usdt and another 435usdt but only 1 dropped but I was debited fir both transactions. ….. [email protected]

Administration comment:

Contact our technical support on telegram!!

17.02.2022, 13:34

My orders are yet to be delivered for over 16hours now

Administration comment:

Why? contact technical support on telegram

17.02.2022, 10:42

I will be much glad if my account is verified today, I want to be member of this great platform. Thanks in Anticipation

17.02.2022, 01:49

Good exchanger first release

16.02.2022, 18:45

Very good site, tested and confirmed

16.02.2022, 18:15

Good evening as I see people appreciating May God bless you all

16.02.2022, 16:52

Good and fine perfect service

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