R’ASSUR INVEST EXCHANGER allows you to Sell your PERFECT MONEY and PAYEER dollars at 600f XOF, your USDT and BUSD at 625f XOF and to Buy them respectively at 640f and 650f XOF whatever the amount!!! With us, the small $10 customer can become a big customer !!!

Semi-auto: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 6/7. Auto: 24/7

11.02.2022, 12:57

Good day , why is your reserve always empty, We love your good work

Administration comment:

Thanks sir!!

07.02.2022, 23:09

Good morning,i really commend the good work of this exchange.pls verify my card,

01.02.2022, 13:09

Fast and reliable exchanger

12.01.2022, 10:10

You people are great
.Doing great work.Keep the good work up.

30.12.2021, 09:40


16.12.2021, 18:04

Excellent work! Quick exchange and quick response.
Keep it up

06.12.2021, 15:54


30.11.2021, 18:45

Great exchanger!

28.11.2021, 13:07

Excellent customer follow-up service.. They are available over the phone and WhatsApp as well

28.11.2021, 13:04


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